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The House of the Lord

Pastor Dominic Cardamone

Psalm 122:1-9

I am thankful for technology. In recent months due to Covid-19, my family and I have been blessed by the benefits of technology because we’ve had to do much more of life online. In some ways, this adjustment to online/virtual life has brought new opportunities and benefits. However, there are some things that not even technology can replace. I believe one area in particular that this is true is worshiping in person at church. Our church’s online services have been fantastic and have met a tremendous spiritual need for such a time as this. The men and women who have lovingly put countless hours of work into making those virtual services possible should be applauded. But if I’m completely honest, I echo the sentiments of David in Psalm 122:1 when he said, “I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.” There is just something special about being in the place of worship with God’s people that you can’t experience through a screen.

In Psalm 122 we get a peek into the heart of David. In verse 1, he displays great joy (“I was glad”). What brought on his joy? He got an invitation to go to God’s house. He was thrilled at the prospect of the fellowship (“let us”) with God’s people. And, the implication here is that they would go to the house of God to worship. David was glad for this opportunity.

David, in verses 2-4, writes of the sacred anticipation of the pilgrims from all over Israel that would travel to and enter into the city of Jerusalem. They held the city in great esteem. While it was magnificent, beautiful, and the seat of the royal family, it was most of all holy. It was where the house of God resided. It was there that the testimony of Israel (God’s Word) loomed large in civil and religious life. It was there that they would have the privilege to hear the words of the Lord and to corporately express their thanksgiving to Him.

The delight and esteem of David for the house of God transcended to devotion. Verses 6-9 show how he encouraged that prayer should be had for the peace of Jerusalem. He taught that there should be prayer for security and prosperity within its walls and palaces. Why? God loves Jerusalem and will bless those that are benevolent toward her. Why? For the sake of the inhabitants there, his brothers and companions. His fellow worshipers were his closest friends, and he wanted the very best for them. Why? Because the house of the Lord God is there, and if Jerusalem prospers, the cause of God flourishes.

Do we still get excited at the privilege of meeting our brothers and sisters in Christ in the place of worship? Do we look forward to it with anticipation and yearn for that fellowship with other worshipers…face-to-face? Is it our desire to learn of God together and thank Him corporately? Do we pray for the peace of America and ask that the Gospel would flourish because churches all across our land are fervently devoted to the welfare of their brothers and companions? David did. And I dare say we should too.

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