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Help! I’m Irritated!

Pastor Marc Likins

Psalm 23:5: “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.”

Summertime is a beautiful time of year. Warm weather and sunny days. Summertime can also be frustrating with the hordes of insects that come with it, especially for animals. If you have ever had livestock, you know this to be true. In fact, most sheep will do anything to escape the torture that nasal flies bestow upon them. They shake their heads all day, run until they collapse, sometimes they even beat their heads upon rocks or trees to relieve the pain these insects bring with them.

Good shepherds are aware of the destruction these nasal flies can bring to their sheep. They are attentive and often anoint the sheep’s heads with oil that wards off the flies and brings healing to the sheep that are afflicted. The sheep trust the shepherd. They know he will bring healing. If Jesus is our Shepherd, are our frustrations and irritations subdued?

Let’s be honest, people are irritating sometimes, aren’t they? They talk too loudly, move too slowly, chew with their mouths open, and tell stories that last for days. Those little irritations can build up and cause conflict in relationships. It’s rare in our Christian walk that we face lion sized attacks. The attacks are often more subtle - day-to-day annoyances and frustrations. The little things build upon each other. What do we do about this? How do we handle these irritations, these pesky pet peeves of ours?

We can try to squash them, we can try to run from them, and we can even try to pretend they don’t exist. But, friends, when those are your solutions the result will be the same of the sheep trying to escape the nasal flies - you won’t eat well, sleep well, and it will feel like you’re hitting your head on a tree! The only solution is Jesus. Allow Him to anoint you with oil. He alone can bring you peace, calm, and quiet. The steps are so simple. Go. Bow. Trust.

Go to God. Take all of your hurt, frustrations, and conflicts to God. Ask Him to treat you.

Bow to God. Stand still, be humble, and don’t fight the Shepherd.

Trust God. Trust that God knows what you need. Something happens in the presence of the Shepherd.

He is the Shepherd and we are His sheep; allow Him to anoint your head with oil.

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