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He Restoreth My Soul

Pastor Marc Likins

Psalm 23:3

He restoreth my soul….

Have you ever seen the show Fixer Upper? Somewhere in the intro, they ask you if you have what it takes to take on a fixer upper (home). And anytime I’ve heard that question, my conscience (and even my subconscious….and all the senses in my body for that matter) say a resounding “No!” I’m not a natural “restorer.” I don’t have the Demo Day T-shirt. I prefer things already restored….but that’s just me.

You may be all about the restoration process. And I applaud you! 🙂

According to Psalm 23 though, there is only one restorer when it comes to our souls.

David (the writer of this Psalm) knew what it was to be cast down and dejected. He experienced family tension—his brothers didn’t think much of him and his kids were divisive. He was betrayed by those in authority over him—Saul and Absalom. His boss was crazy. He was running for his life (literally). And, his name was being slandered and shamed.

I think we would agree his soul needed restoration. And, this is where God comes in.

He Picks Us Up

Both predators and shepherds keep a close eye out for the cast sheep—those who have been cast down and are weak. Just like the shepherd, God has a watchful eye for the cast humans.

Some of you wish you had a heart for God like you once did. You used to live with reckless abandon for Him, but sin has crept in and your soul is tired, depressed, and down cast.

I wish I could make it all new again. I wish I could dust the spiritual cobwebs out from your heart. I can’t. But God can. He can restore your soul. He doesn’t reform. He doesn’t camouflage. He doesn’t give it a once over. He restores.

He Shears Us Down

When sheep have too much wool, they get sheared. And, when we have too much weighing us down, God prunes our hearts—our lives—our routines.

Certainly, God will pick you up, but if you think He is just going to leave you there to fall down again, you are mistaken. He is going to do what it takes to make you stable, even if it’s painful for you. He will sharpen you with His truth, and He will (if needed) chasten out of love—all in an effort to restore your soul.

He Moves Us Around

Just as a shepherd ensures his sheep move around to avoid danger, so God allows the same for us for our good. When we are unwilling to purposefully give up the comfortable life then the Good Shepherd may move us to a pasture that isn’t so comfortable. He has a way of introducing to our lives what we consider to be storms, but He knows when we are about to get comfortable.

Trust His leading. Trust His sovereignty. He knows best. Allow Him to restore your soul. He knows what He is doing and He is doing it.

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