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We want to be a community of believers who encourage one another and build each other up. Our mentorship program is specifically designed to match women with women who are further along in life and have perhaps lived through some of the same things that others are currently trying to balance. Whether it be singleness, marriage, motherhood, empty-nesting, or somewhere in between, we will do our best to match mentees with mentors who can speak truth and grace into the areas of our lives that are in need of biblical guidance.



As a Mentor:

  • Be willing to check in with your mentee on a weekly basis via text or call 

  • Be committed to meeting in person with your mentee every 4-6 weeks 

  • Be faithful in praying for your mentee 

  • Be prayerful in seeking God’s face for wisdom to share with your mentee 


As a Mentee:

  • Be open to a weekly check in from your mentor via text or call 

  • Be flexible in your schedule to allow for an in-person meeting with your mentor every 4-6 weeks 

  • Be willing to be vulnerable and honest in sharing with your mentor 

  • Be teachable in areas where your mentor can shed light and truth in your life 


If you are interested in joining this program as a mentor or mentee, please fill out this form.

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