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Stay informed about adjustments or cancellations to in-person services on Wednesdays and Sundays.

In the event that inclement weather is forecasted for a Wednesday or Sunday that could impede in-person services from being held, the following steps will be taken to communicate adjustments or cancellations:

Wednesdays: A decision will be made to cancel in-person midweek groups, Bible studies, and youth ministries by 3:00 PM on any applicable Wednesday. At that time, communication of such will be made via the platforms outlined on this page.

Sundays: A decision will be made to consolidate Sunday morning services to a 10:30 AM only service by 6:00 PM the evening beforehand. If necessary, a decision will then be made to cancel the in-person Sunday morning service by 6:00 AM on Sunday morning. A 10:30 AM digital service will be held online. A decision will also be made to cancel the in-person Sunday evening service/prayer meeting (if applicable) by 3:00 PM on Sunday afternoon. All of this will be communicated via the platforms outlined on this page.

How can I stay informed?

• Opt in to receive email notifications.

• Opt in to get text notifications.

• Check Facebook and Instagram.

• Check the local news stations, KDKA and/or WPXI. (Available on Sundays only.)

• Call the church office (724-295-0607) and select option 3 to listen to announcements.

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