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  • Who is being asked to support the capital campaign?
    The entire Harvest Baptist Church and Academy family including church members, school parents, alumni, and friends of Harvest.
  • Is it necessary to sign up for a visit?
    Our goal is to visit everyone personally. This is a significant campaign and it’s important that everyone understand the vision for this project and what it will take to be successful. This is better explained in person rather than just a brochure or letter. We also value everyone who is a part of the Harvest family and believe that everyone deserves the respect of a personal visit.
  • Do the personal visits have to take place in a home?
    No. While the home is a preferred location, the church or local coffee shop place works well. If applicable, we do encourage both husband and wife to attend if possible.
  • I have some ideas or concerns about the proposed projects. Are these plans set in stone or is there still time for input?
    These plans are not set in stone by any means. The staff, deacons, and other volunteers are open to suggestions for the proposed projects and would welcome your input as the plans are refined.
  • What is the financial goal of our capital campaign?
    The total needs currently stand at approximately $11 million.
  • How do we make a pledge?
    You will be visited personally by a fellow volunteer. He or she will explain the plans for the campaign in more detail and will give you an opportunity to ask questions, so that you fully understand the vision. They will then give you a pledge card when you have made your decision.
  • Is it better to be “cautious” or “optimistic” when making a pledge?
    The campaign committee’s advice is to be “reasonably optimistic” regarding your pledge. The pledge card is not a legal document, but a statement of your best intentions. Leadership will be trying to make reasonable plans based on the total amount pledged. In this case, being overly cautious could be just as much of a challenge to the planning process as being overly optimistic. To help the planning process, our advice is to be reasonably optimistic. If you think that “We’ll probably give more…” then it would be helpful to indicate that amount on the pledge card now, rather than later.
  • When will we have to make a pledge?
    Since the campaign is scheduled for a limited number of weeks, it is important that pledges be made as quickly as possible after you have been visited. Be quick, but don’t hurry. Most families find that they can make this decision within one week after their visit.
  • How do I give towards my pledge?
    You can give by cash or check via our offering envelopes under the category “Above + Beyond Capital Campaign.” You can give by bank draft or card at under the category “Above + Beyond Capital Campaign."
  • Can pledges be given in assets other than cash?
    Yes. Giving appreciated financial assets (stocks, bonds, trusts, life insurance, annuities, etc.…) and appreciated real estate are especially beneficial, because the donor may enjoy certain tax advantages, particularly when given directly. The charitable deduction value of a gift of appreciated assets is the asset’s value at the time of transfer.
  • How much time do I have to fulfill my pledge?
    We are suggesting that you consider a pledge that can be fulfilled over a period of 3 years. The earlier you can begin paying the pledge, the better it will be since there are immediate costs involved including architectural fees, permitting, etc…
  • Do pledges toward the campaign have tax advantages?
    Yes. All contributions are tax deductible; however, it is always important to consult your tax accountant or financial planner for details on your specific situation.
  • Will the money pledged be used for anything other than the capital fund?
    No, only expenses related to the capital campaign
  • When are we hoping to begin the projects?
    There are a number of projects associated with this campaign, and we will be able to begin some of them as soon as this summer.
  • When would the new auditorium be completed?
    The exact date is not set in stone, but our best estimate is Easter of 2024. We have to complete the architectural drawings, secure the permits, and then construct the auditorium. Each of those three phases take significant time.
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