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Awana at Harvest

We love Awana Clubs here at Harvest and we know your kids will too! Please join every Wednesday night @7pm for a fun-filled, Bible-centered night! Our Spring Awana season is from January 17th t0 May 29th. We hope to see you there!

*** Walk-ins welcomed every week!

What is Awana?

Awana presents an all-encompassing curriculum that effectively engages children and their families with the gospel message. This tried and flexible educational program empowers you to nurture leaders and guide children in their lifelong journey of walking with Christ.

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Age Groups

Cubbies 3-4 Years

  • Age Group: Preschoolers (typically ages 3 to 4)

  • Focus: Cubbies is designed to introduce young children to the gospel in a simple and engaging way. The emphasis is on nurturing their curiosity and understanding of God's love.

  • Activities: The program includes age-appropriate Bible stories, fun games, and interactive activities that teach basic biblical truths. Children also memorize short verses and earn awards as they progress.

  • Key Goal: Instill a foundation of faith and a sense of God's love and care in the hearts of young children.

T&T 3rd-6th Grade

  • Age Group: Third to Sixth Grade (typically ages 8 to 12)

  • Focus: T&T is designed to meet the unique needs of older children, providing a deeper exploration of the Bible and how to apply its teachings in their daily lives.

  • Activities: The program includes interactive discussions, Bible-based lessons, team-oriented games, and memory challenges with an emphasis on biblical knowledge and understanding.

  • Key Goal: Equipping older children with a solid biblical foundation, fostering leadership skills, and encouraging them to live out their faith authentically as they transition into adolescence.

Sparks K5-2nd Grade

  • Age Group: Kindergarten to Second Grade (typically ages 5 to 8)

  • Focus: Sparks builds on the foundation established in Cubbies and aims to deepen children's understanding of biblical principles while making learning enjoyable and interactive.

  • Activities: Children participate in more challenging Bible lessons, engaging games, and exciting activities that encourage teamwork and character development. They memorize longer Bible verses and earn awards for their accomplishments.

  • Key Goal: Encourage spiritual growth, character-building, and a love for God's Word among elementary-aged children.

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